November AGM Meeting ’15

Well, the ‘dreaded’ AGM was upon in November.  This acronym fills some members with dread and the sofa at home is all too welcoming on a dark, rainy Tuesday night in November.

Well all I can say was if you weren’t there you missed out!  And word went around that there were no cakes!! WHAT?  But chips, yes chips, were being ordered & delivered to all in attendance. Have the committee gone mad?!?

Fiona pre-ordered 70 portions of chips from Brook Road Chippy and a cheer, possibly a Mexican wave went around the room when they were delivered!

And boy were they enjoyed with a brew!




Look how happy they are!


Someone likes Vinegar!


Serious chip faces on this table.

After stuffing our faces exercise was needed so Fiona got the balls rolling with a game of stand up bingo.  Another WI group asked me on Twitter what stand up bingo was!  I really feel for these rural WI’s………….


A round-up of the year was given by Cathy and a review makes us realise what fantastic speakers we have, clubs a plenty and a President who went to the Albert Hall no less!

No meeting is complete without the raffle.  Emma had put together some fab prizes including the coveted years free membership to the Social Lites WI.  It was won this year by David Susan Collins!!!



Good nails David!

Emma had also put together her seasonal produce bag in a Unicorn recycled bag.  Edna was the lucky winner of this one seen here discussing cauliflower & sprouts.


Now, some WI groups sing Jerusalem at every meeting.  We don’t but we thought what the heck, it’s the AGM lets sing it.  Good round of applause after as well!


So, AGM’s can be fun!  Admittedly it took chips to get everyone in a good mood but it was a great night and chips are pencilled in for the 2016 AGM so write it on your calendar now!



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