Choir Christmas Concert

Friday 4 December and members of the Social Lites WI choir arrived at Shawe Hall with a mixture of nerves, excitement, nerves and more nerves.

Time for a quick rehearsal, deep breaths and before we knew it people started arriving, and with over 80 tickets sold, before long they were queuing out the door.

Once everyone was seated, the choir took their places on stage wearing our new sparkly t-shirts and we were introduced by Tom, our fantastic musical director.  Now it’s no secret in the choir that there were a few of the early songs that we didn’t all feel confident about and that hadn’t sounded brilliant in rehearsal but in true entertainment style, it was alright on the night!  Even Blackbird sounded great!  Finishing with Keane, it was time for interval refreshments of complimentary tea & coffee accompanied by a Jeannette Jones mince pie (only the best for our guests!).


After a quick catch up with friends and family (and eating a mince pie) it was back for the second half, kicking off with Downtown.  This was followed by some 70s, 80s and more modern music, as well as our favourite The Rose.  Tom had everyone on their feet for White Christmas which was meant to be our last song – until shouts of “more” and “encore” were heard and – as if by magic  – we had the music ready to sing For Good to finally finish the concert, ending on a high and feeling the total buzz of performing live.

OK so we may not quite be Bananarama (one of the best 80s girl bands) but the feeling of singing together, hitting the right notes and sounding great whilst your nearest & dearest are watching is hard to beat on a Friday night.

Massive thanks to everyone who helped make the night a success – from hanging glitter curtains, to selling raffle tickets, making and serving refreshments, printing & ironing t-shirts, creating a fabulous banner and generally running around getting everything sorted.  We even raised £115 in the raffle which will go towards a new defibrillator for Shawe Hall.

So why don’t you make it your new resolution to join the choir and come sing with us in 2016!  We meet every Monday from 7.30pm – 9pm for rehearsals at Flixton Girls School.  At the minute it’s a direct debit payment of £20 per month but this will be reviewed in January.

Fi Gilmore

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