Clothes Swap

Social Lites Clothes Swap is a must on our calendar every year.  Members have been bringing bags of unwanted clothes across the past months and a dedicated group of volunteers sorted them out into rails of sizes, styles & a table of accessories.


Accessories table was a fab collection of sunglasses, scarves, bags & beads ready for the summer sun.

IMG_8950 IMG_8949

Shoes!  How glamorous are these purple shoes!  Jackie was so excited when she realised they were her size and snapped them up!


First on the Runway Rails we had Kate in her skinny fit jeans and slimline casual’s!


Next we had a sprig (!) of Holly with cute dresses, lace trims and tapered waistlines.


Then everyone’s favourite chef, a curvy Nigella with Breton stripes, black suede skirts (yes!) and plunging necklines.


Our cake table for the evening was in aid of our Moon Walker’s – 26 mile night walk through London raising money and awareness – uniting against breast cancer!




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