Social Lites at Manchester Pride

This was the first time the WI has been part of the Manchester Pride Parade, and thanks to the organisation of our vice secretary Emma we had nearly 100 members take part from the Social Lites, Levenshulme, Salford Angels, Manchester, Cale Green, Old Trafford Wonder Women, Chadderton, and the West End Girls and Wifi from Warrington.

There were inevitable requests for cake (an idea for next year maybe?) and l personally enjoyed watching the realisation on people’s faces that yes we were the WI with our awesome banners, capes, glitter, rainbows and sound system on a bicycle (thanks Salford Angels!)

I think I can safely say that everyone had a brilliant time and as well as showing our support for the LGBT community I hope we’ve shown the people of Manchester at least that we’re a pretty amazing organisation! So thanks again Emma, we’re on for 2017 yeah?

Nicole Hammond

Just some of the local WIs that took part
Levenshulme WI: @WILevenshulme
Salford Angels: @SalfordAngelsWI
ManchesterWI: @ManchesterWI
Cale Green WI: @CaleGreenWI
Old Trafford Wonder Women: @wonder_wi
Chadderton WI: @ChaddertonWI,

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