Sing Your Heart Out Choir Concert


On Friday 16th September the Social Lites Choir hosted a Choir Concert to further promote the Organ Donation Campaign. A reduced number of nineteen sang their hearts out to compositions as diverse as Adiemus  – Chasing Cars and Moon River – a Eurythmics/K Perry Mash up of Sweet Dreams and Teenage Dreams. The audience of approximately 80 friends/family/Social Lites, visitors from Stretford WI, Levenshulme WI  and members of the local community appeared to enjoy themselves and clapped and cheered in all the appropriate places! The mission though was to further promote The Organ Donation Campaign that our President and members of our WI have given so much of their time to this Summer.

Sadly on average three people die every day across the UK due to a shortage of donated organs.  To this end in the interval we welcomed Lucie Jones who travelled over from the Wirral who recounted her story of growing up with Cystic Fibrosis a progressive, genetic disease to which there is no cure affecting more than 10,800 people in the UK. CF causes problems with breathing and digestion from a very young age and over the years, the lungs become increasingly damaged. Lucie described her life before her double lung transplant  where she was barely able to go up her own stairs and a short visit to her local shops had become almost impossible due to breathing difficulties and the amazing transformation afterwards, which if I recall correctly has meant her being able to visit Singapore an impressive EIGHT times!!



The choir ended the evening with their rendition of Hold Back the River which our brilliant Musical Director Tom had arranged for us with some lovely harmonies.

Money raised from the raffle went towards donations to Maggies Culture Crawl which about 8 of our Members are took part in on 30th September to raise funds for Maggies Manchester, a beautiful holistic building providing practical and emotional support to people with cancer and their family and friends.   

Pamela Hartley



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