Afternoon Tea at Poppies

Our first visit to Poppies was an overwhelming success. We were given sole use of the cafe’s separate meeting room. This meant numbers were limited to twelve and with a reduced price of £10 ( normal price is £12 ) we soon had enough people wanting to join us.
The café is very child friendly with inside play area and currently holds crafty cooks sessions for over twos in the meeting room, which is a great private space for local groups.
This was the first afternoon tea where we’ve actually been able to make our own choices for all parts of the meal – choice of six sandwich fillings on white or brown bread, cherry, fruit or plain scones with clotted cream, jam and butter, choice of two cakes from a selection of very cute miniature cakes (see photos below) and choice of drinks, including glass or bottle of Prosecco for an additional £2.50 or £10 respectively.
It was lovely to come in from the wet wintry weather to a warm room which was nicely set out for our arrival, (in addition to a lovely aroma  of bacon barmcakes in the café as we walked through). The room had its own toilet facilities separate from those of the café, which was handy after all the tea! Many of us were too full to eat both our cakes or both our scones and bags were kindly provided to take these home.
Given the wide range of menu choices we were given and the facilities, we would recommend afternoon tea at Poppies, although prebooking is required to take advantage of the same menu range we were given.
Bev Durham

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