Darts Club: First meeting, 7 February 2017

10 ladies, 2 dart boards, 1 pub.  BULLSEYE (well nearly…)


The first meeting of Darts Club took place in the Bird I’Th Hand and once the pool table was moved out of the way, the oches were laid down and the darts handed out, the fun began.

Some of us had never played, some didn’t know the rules, some were players from days gone by and some watched it on the telly, but it soon became clear what a game of skill it is.  Starting at 501 and ending on a double (news to some people), we had 2 games on the go, with 5 players on each team.  Despite this, it still took most of the evening to finish, but this gave us all ample opportunity to practice and work out which darts we like the best.

Pam then introduced us to a game of cricket (confusing name for a darts game) and the two teams went head to head in hard fought contest, ending with nearest the bull.

With time, I’m sure we will all have a favourite double and feel the excitement of hitting treble 20.  Who knows we may even have some coaching by a professional (watch this space).  The Bird I’Th Hand is a great venue, we had the room to ourselves, fantastic food and a bar downstairs.

We’d love more players so why not come along to our next practice night on 28 Feb after you’ve had your fill of pancakes.  We will be upstairs from 7pm and it’s free (WI Members only please).

All together now……………….ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!

Fi Gilmore


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