Gin Club at the Sip Club

A Thursday night at the Sip Club and over 20 of us ready to taste a selection of “kooky” gins, provided by Charlie, the Queen of Gin . Some big flavours to try before you buy.

First up: Bimber

Or Bieber. As in Justin Bieber.  As my predictive text decided to rename it.  Which is a shame as Bimber is Polish for Moonshine which makes it a great name.  And contrary to my musical tastes, Bieber hit the spot.  A London Dry Gin and loved by the majority.  A good start, and a great base on which to move onto weirder things.


Next up: Fair 
Botanical: Quinoa

Quinoa.  Yes that hipster grain was one of the botanicals in this fair-trade, organic gin that I imagine will be a bestseller in the delis of Chorlton.  Mixed reviews including comments such as wet dishcloth, cardboard and dusty.



Number Three:  Edgertons Pink 
Botanical: Pomegranate
edgertons-pinkA story about how this was a pink gin for girls (and there is a blue gin for boys) was met with disdain, until we found out the creator was an 80 year old who hadn’t realised it may cause offence.  Cue lots of aaaaahs and the tonic was soon flowing again.  Don’t be fooled by the pink, it’s not a sweet gin, more on the dry side.  Favoured by many, the bottle was empty by the end of the night (but then again they all were).


Before the break: Thompson’s Grape
Botanical: Oyster (also caviar)

Due to some delays in the kitchen, snacks weren’t ready which meant we had no choice but to taste another.  You need to be dedicated to join this Club.   I couldn’t try this one due to a shellfish allergy (more Bieber for me then) but it was well loved by most.  A classy gin. Garnished with grapes, how very French.


Kitchen troubles over and sausages, tortilla, crisps and cake helped to mop up some of the booze, with jugs of water and an accompaniment of accordion to get us ready for more.


After the break: Saffron Gin
Botanicals: You guessed it, Saffron

This one from a French maker, more known for Cassis. A vibrant colour but an odd taste.  Not sure I know what saffron tastes like.  But I’m not a fan.



Finally: Hoxton Gin
Botanical: Coconut

A proper Marmite gin.  No marmite in it but plenty of coconut.  I couldn’t even try it as can’t stand the taste of coconut (more Bieber for me) but some people loved this one.  Some preferred it neat.  Charlie suggested this went best with a Schweppes tonic (Fevertree for the rest).  Definitely a love it or hate it gin.


So with the evening ending, the accordions still playing and the bottles very empty, some people went to the bar and BOUGHT MORE GIN.  Seriously.  On a weekday.

Gin Club is a great way to try out some of the hundreds of varieties out there, next date coming soon!

Fi Gilmore


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