Cyril Flint Accumulator Challenge

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK following my husband’s successful cancer treatment. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends. It got me thinking about friendship and just how important relationships are to your general well-being.

I had also been a member of the Happiness club at WI. One of the things we discovered at Happiness club was how beneficial it is to give to others. It makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you feel that you are flourishing.

Then the flyer for The Cyril Flint Accumulator Challenge appeared on the Social Lites Facebook page. I was interested but thought someone else would take the lead and I could just support them.

When nobody did I decided to have a go. It really has been good fun and I think it is such a good cause. What would I have done without my family and friend’s supporting me through Colin’s cancer battle? How must it feel to be lonely?

We started in May at the Spring Fayre in Eden Square. It turned out to be the wettest day ever and we all got soaked as did everything on sale but we made £145 so it was a great start.

We have had lots of different fundraisers. The 100 Club raised £100 and was really easy to organise. The Jarbola really fired members imagination and I was amazed to see the varied items that filled jars. Again, this raised over £100. A Surprise tombola, plant sale and loose change jar collection at our September meeting brought in over £400.

I held an Afternoon Tea at my house recently and there is a Name the Teddy and Football Cushion raffle that is ongoing. This pushed us over the £1000 target suggested by the Cyril Flint charity.

There is one last event, an Autumn Fayre in Eden Square on 16th September.
I have really enjoyed this challenge and must say a really big thanks to Zoe Spencer, Annette Stembridge, Joan Gell, Julie Pennington, Susan Collins, Emma Hawley and Katrina Hughes who have been great supporters. I will be attending The Cyril Flint Awards Evening in October and will let you know how I get on.

As a WI we have really acted on the Loneliness Resolution by backing this challenge. Ladies have been so generous in giving their time, money and donations. I would say we are flourishing!

Caroline Rimmer


The Cyril Flint challenge ends on 30th September and thanks to Caroline and her team, the total amount raised as of 17th September is  £1,305.

If you would like to add to this figure then you can make a donation online here.


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