Meeting Programme 2017


allanahWe kicked off the new year with Allanah, Founder & Director of Workshops for Women.  Allanah gave a talk on assertiveness exploring the reasons why women find it hard to be assertive and social expectations of how a woman should behave. She focused on the benefits of being assertive and led the members through an exercise to look at what areas of our lives may benefit from assertiveness. You can find out more about Allanah and her work here

standard-issueWe were delighted to welcome Mickey Noonan, Editor, and Hazel Davies  of Standard Issue Magazine. Standard Issue is a smart and witty online magazine by women and set up by Sarah Millican, covering everything to interest women of all ages. Mickey and Hazel took us through the magazines history and covered a wide range of subjects including favourite fonts, trolling, poo stories and Norwich. Find out more here


Kate Williams, President of the British Society of Perfumers , will be telling us about all things scent and fragrance with a fabulous per-fume talk.

History talk (tbc)

Resolutions meeting (subject dependent on the selected resolution)

Jane Robbins, sculptor (and Eurovision contestant…)

The History Wardrobe – Bad Girls and Bonnets! Jane Austen’s guide to being brazen. A bold, brash and beautiful celebration of Austen’s wicked women, and a truly revelatory look at clothes & crime in the eighteenth century – an era when stocking-theft or silk
smuggling carried the risk of a one-way ticket to the Colonies or a ride on the ‘three-legged mare’…

Summer break – no meeting

Cheese making demo (tbc)

Amanda from Orderly Office and Home will be helping us to declutter and be more organised

Annual Meeting

5th Birthday Party